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How Do Investors and Retirees Choose the Right Gold IRA Company to Work With?

You’ve been just as worried as most Americans that the Social Security system will go broke during your retirement years, and that your dollar savings will devalue while inflation soars. While suffering through the global economic fallout from the pandemic years and the war in Europe, we are now facing another period of recession, and who knows what else in the years ahead?

Like millions of other professionals, investors and retirees, you’re looking for safe, alternative assets to invest in to protect your wealth.

You’ve already decided that the best course is to diversify your portfolio by transferring a percentage of your investments into a precious metals IRA; and now, the only question is:

Which gold IRA company is the best match for my goals?

I have carefully identified the top gold IRA companies based on a side-by-side comparison of their services, requirements, fees and overall customer satisfaction in public reviews to help you make an informed decision.

When you compare among the top companies, Goldco and Augusta Precious Metals both stand out for many of the services most appreciated by clients. Which of these two IRA companies most closely matches your personal investment goals?

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Goldco Precious Metals IRA Overview and Features

Goldco is one of the longest established gold IRA companies, offering services to investors since 2006. From its headquarters in Woodland Hills, California, Goldco has distinguished itself as a brokerage firm specializing in “white glove” services to its clients. Goldco loves retirees, and retirees love Goldco. Its minimum investment for precious metal IRAs of $25,000 is within reach for many retirees who want to transfer 10-15% of their total portfolio into gold and silver.

Sean Hannity and Chuck Norris are two of Goldco’s celebrity spokespersons who both use and endorse the company.

Goldco is very highly rated for its famous “white glove” service to retirees and pre-retirees, helping them set up and balance a retirement portfolio.

Goldco stands out for:

  • a wide range of precious metals, including silver, gold, palladium, and platinum coins and bullion bars
  • partnerships with trusted custodians and depositories and custodians
  • ease of set-up with excellent customer service
  • Highest Ratings and 5-star reviews

Goldco 5-Star Customer Review

Robin W.
Verified Customer
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Goldco was great in answering all of my questions in a very professional and caring way. They were prompt in keeping me informed of this process each step of the way. I feel more confident that my finances are more secure than ever before. Thank you for working with me to complete this transaction, for welcoming me into the Goldco family, and for providing great customer service.

Augusta Precious Metals IRA Overview and Features

Augusta Precious Metals has been offering gold IRAs to investors since 2012. APM is a family-owned firm that in only one decade became one of the very top gold companies in the U.S. for its world-class precious metal services. Augusta is a great company for serious investors, professionals, and people with an extensive retirement portfolio since it has one of the larger minimum investment requirements of $50,000.

Hall of Fame quarterback, Joe Montana, was first a customer and then a celebrity spokesperson for Augusta Precious Metals – and for good reasons!

Augusta Precious Metals offers:

  • investment packages that include self-directed precious metal IRA services
  • a place to purchase gold and silver for non-IRA investments
  • life-time customer support and educational resources
  • Excellent ratings with top review websites and 5-star client reviews

Augusta Precious Metals Customer Reviews

Mimi J.
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Throughout the entire experience and process Augusta Precious Metals presented the information professionally and in great detail. This was our first experience purchasing precious metals and we had many questions. The follow up to our questions was expedient and done with our needs in mind. We did explore other options and there was no question that Augusta was a perfect fit for us.

Side-by-Side Comparison - Goldco vs Augusta Precious Metals

GoldcoAugusta Precious Metals
4.8 out of 5Company ratings4.9 out of 5
2006Founded in2012
Sean Hannity, Chuck NorrisCelebrity ambassador endorsementJoe Montana
$25,000Minimum IRA investment$50,000
Gold / Silver / Platinum / PalladiumPrecious metals offeredGold / Silver
"White glove" customer supportCustomer support described"Life-long dedicated customer support"
YesAssisted IRA RolloversYes
7-10 daysAverage setup time2 weeks
YesBuyback programYes
YesFree educational kitYes

IRA Fee Comparison - Goldco vs Augusta Precious Metals

GoldcoAugusta Precious Metals
$25,000Account Minimums$50,000
$50One-time setup fee$50
$80Annual custodian or maintenance fee$80
Non-segregated: $100
Segregated: $150
Annual depository or Storage fees$100
May varyShipping feesFree
Speak with Goldco for prices and markupsPrices for coins and barsBased on spot price. 5% markup for bullion coins
One-time wire fee of $30Other fees-

What is Most Important to Me for Choosing a Gold IRA Company?

To gain clarity about which factors are most important to you personally when matching your goals to a company that offers gold IRAs, some questions to ask yourself, among others, could be:

  • How adept am I at navigating websites and filling in forms? Do I want an expert to handle more of these details for me?
  • What are the minimum investments required for each company? Which is closest to the correct percentage of my total retirement portfolio I want to transfer into gold and other precious metals?
  • Are low-cost first-year and annual fees for maintaining my account important for me to get started with an account, or is paying a bit more for depository and customer service fees worth it considering the size of my investment?
  • Am I only interested in holding gold and silver, or do I want to own additional precious metals like platinum and palladium?

Conclusion: Act Now to Diversify and Protect the Value of Your Retirement Portfolio

One thing you’re probably already certain of:

You want to hedge the value of the money you’ve saved for retirement by diversifying a percentage of your dollars, stocks, and other investments into tangible assets that have always retained value throughout history. Precious metals are increasingly popular alternative assets because of rarity (gold) or essential uses in manufacturing (silver and other rare metals).

Opening a gold IRA is the best way to diversify your retirement portfolio. The only decision now is: Which of the top gold investment companies is the best for me?

What to expect when you click the links below:

Clicking the links below will bring you directly to the official Goldco and/or Augusta Precious Metals website where you have a number of options to learn more about investing in a precious metals IRA by:

  • reading the site, or
  • using the chat box to connect with a company representative, or
  • phoning to speak to an IRA consultant, or
  • filling in an email form to request your free gold IRA kit with audio, visual and reading materials.

All of these services are given without pressure to open an account or purchase their products, and are no-obligation and completely free of charge.

Find out about starting a gold IRA with Goldco
Find out about starting a gold IRA with Augusta Precious Metals
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