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Noble Gold Investments TV Commercial

If you're going to invest gold and other precious metals in a gold IRA, then you need a broker to manage that account for you. Ideally, you'd find someone that appreciates your business and takes great care of both your investment and you personally at the same time. Noble Gold Investments might just be the precious metal IRA broker for you.

How To Get Noble Gold Investments’ Free Gold and Silver Investment Guide

You can learn about investing in gold and silver through Noble thanks to a free guide that they offer. This guide is informative, but it costs you nothing. You don't have to pay for it, and simply requesting it doesn't mean you've committed yourself to Noble Gold if you want to use another precious metal broker.

I like how easy it is to get this guide. You just click on the link. Once there, you provide Noble Gold with directions on where to send you the guide.

Noble Gold Commercial Actor – Who is in the Noble Gold Commercial?

Noble Gold Investments recently started running a new commercial with a celebrity endorser talking about why he uses Noble Gold for his investments. The gentleman in the ad is Roger Lodge. He's an actor and hosts sports radio programs and game shows.

In the commercial, Lodge states that he needs to take risks to get ahead in the entertainment industry, but he also keeps his feet on the ground. That's why precious metal investing appeals to him because it can help him protect his family's financial future against threats like inflation. He tells viewers about how positively Noble Gold treats him as a client but to find out for themselves by getting the free investment guide.

Lodge has acting credits that include Full House, The Parkers, and Yes, Dear, as well as a Tony Scott film. He hosts a pregame baseball show for the Los Angeles Angels. He's also known to host Blind Date.

Is Gold the Only Asset to Have Survived Recent Economic Disasters?

Read enough about precious metals, and you'll see that many other analysts mention how well gold hedges against market downturns. Why do we do this? Because in the past, that's exactly what happened.

Lodge mentions this himself in the commercial. Specifically, he calls out the bubble bursting, Black Friday, and the pandemic. Let's look at how gold did in all three cases.

The Bubble Bursting

The dot-com bubble at the turn of the century could see a website be valued at over $2 billion one week and bankrupt the next. Funds flowed freely into the growing stock market bubble, and investors ignored gold. The American dollar was also in a bull market, so gold didn't fare very well leading up to the crash.

Things were very different after the bubble burst and the Fed started cutting rates. Investors looked for assets other than the stock market, settling on the housing market and gold. The housing market was another bubble, but gold did legitimately well thanks to unsound government fiscal policy, a weak dollar, and low-interest rates.

Black Friday

October 19, 1987, might have happened when you were too young to invest, and it might have even happened before you were born. Even if you do remember it, that day happened over 30 years ago. However, I think you need to learn all you can about that date.

The Dow Jones suffered a 508-point loss in one day, which was a lot back then. In fact, it was a 22.6% percent drop. That would have unthinkable consequences in today's market.

Gold's performance was nuanced in that it rose only a little on the actual day to $491.50. The following day, it was down to $463.20, a drop of nearly 6%. However, it rose over $500 by December as investors wanted to park their money outside the stock market until things stabilized.

The Pandemic

When you think of economic uncertainty and turbulence, the year 2020 is going to come to mind. It was among the most unpredictable years in recent history, and everyone remembers it. The equities market oddly did move up, but precious metals did even better.

Stocks had year-to-date gains of 14.6%. However, gold went up 23.8% in the same time frame, and silver did even better at 44.6%. Economic uncertainty doesn't always mean the stock market goes down or stays flat, but even when stocks go up in turbulence, precious metals might still outperform them.

Is Noble Gold Investments Really the Best Gold Company to Invest With?

In the commercial mentioned above, Lodge asserts that Noble Gold is the best precious metal company to work with. That might seem like a bold claim, but it could also be true. Is it?

I'm personally hesitant to call Noble Gold Investments the very best in the business because not every investor is looking for the same thing. However, I will tell you that they're a top 10 company in the industry and probably even in the top 5. You'll see many other analysts mention them in the same breath, as Goldco, Augusta Precious Metals, and Birch Gold Group, all of whom are some of the best names in the business.

What makes Noble Gold one of the best? For starters, they have more than two decades of industry experience. They've survived that long by being good at their work and getting better.

They're not just another broker that wants commissions off of your investments. The leadership of this company is truly dedicated to helping clients grow their wealth. That devotion goes beyond normal customer service.

Helping you grow your wealth isn't just about them telling you what to invest in. They share their industry knowledge. Client education is crucial in an industry that is truly an alternative asset that many investors might not understand as well as stocks, bonds, or real estate.

Noble Gold Investments does more than just gold IRAs. You can create non-IRA accounts for different kinds of investing. That means they can help you diversify your portfolio as you need.

Outside of a gold IRA, you can buy physical gold. This you can possess personally, either at home or in a safety deposit box. That's gold you can sell without IRS restrictions.

They also offer a buyback program for your gold IRA. When it comes time to do a withdrawal or distribution, you can have them buy the metals back and send you cash, so you don't have to personally handle the metals on your own. That makes life much easier in the retirement years when you want to take it easier.

As I said a few paragraphs back, the best depends on what you're looking for. If it's simply customer service, then Goldco might be the winner, and Augusta Precious Metals offers tremendous client education. However, both also require higher minimum investment levels than Noble Gold does.

Noble Gold has customer service that rivals Goldco, and their client educational services make Augusta work hard to maintain its reputation and prestige. All the while, Noble Gold doesn't ask you to invest as much. If you're new to precious metal investing, it's easier to accept putting $20,000 into this asset class than $50,000.

Companies Like Noble Gold Based in the United States

As Lodge mentioned in the commercial, there are dozens of gold brokers available you can choose from. You can consult lots of them, as he did. However, I can save you some time and point out three worth short comparison shopping.

If the customer service aspect appeals to you, you must consider Goldco. They set the standard for customer service across the industry, and they've been doing that for a very long time. One potential downside is that their minimum investment of $50,000 is considerably higher than what Noble Gold requires.

Birch Gold Group is another healthy alternative to consider. Their customer service levels are also very strong, and they provide great client education while you are an investor with them. You can learn about the industry to become more adept at investing.

Augusta Precious Metals is a company I think should be on any precious metal investor's shortlist. Their customer service is as good as Noble Gold or Goldco, but no one does client education better than they do. They're the only precious metal broker I know of that has separate departments for customer service and client education, and you can even have personal facetime with Harvard-trained analysts.

Conclusion: Final Verdict

For long-term investing, such as retirement, precious metals are an alternative asset class that needs to be included in your broader portfolio. Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium can protect your wealth against inflation and leave you a refuge to rely on when stock markets tank or get turbulent. A gold IRA means you can enjoy precious metal benefits and tax advantages.

You need a precious metal broker to accomplish this, and Noble Gold Investments is one option. I can tell you that it's rare in this industry that a broker will keep treating you like near royalty even after you invest with them. Noble Gold is more than a broker so much as it's an investment partner looking out for you in the long run. Any savvy investor will look into multiple options and do their homework, so I know you'll look at other brokers before you make a final decision. However, Noble Gold Investments should be on your shortlist. Their customer service rivals anyone in the industry, and their minimum investment level is lower than many other big names.

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